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A First Look Inside the Reviving Troon Station Building as MSP Siobhian Brown visits site

In a heartening showcase of resilience and progress, the reconstruction of the Troon station building, devastated by fire in 2021, has reached a significant milestone.

Photo: Network Rail

Siobhian Brown, Member of the Scottish Parliament (MSP) for Ayr, was warmly welcomed by Network Rail at the site this week, marking a pivotal moment as the new facility edges closer to completion.

The visit was timely, coinciding with the building’s achievement of becoming wind and water-tight, a crucial step in any construction project. During her tour, Brown was privy to the first glimpse of the station’s interior, which promises a new ticket office, a spacious waiting area, and a much-needed ‘changing places’ facility for individuals with disabilities and their carers.

Photo: Network Rail

Recent weeks have seen notable advancements, with the installation of trusses to support the roofing, alongside meticulous slate and lead work. The external facade is shaping up as well, with concrete blockwork laying the foundation for the building’s walls.

Reflecting on the progress, Siobhian Brown expressed her enthusiasm: “I am delighted to see the progress that has been made on the rebuild since I first visited the site back in October last year to ‘break ground’ on the project. The community is really looking forward to the return of their station and seeing a building in place is a visible sign of this becoming a reality.”

The reconstruction is not just a testament to architectural and engineering prowess but also a fulfilment of the community’s aspirations. Brown’s insights into the planned internal fit-out reassure that the new facility will not only enhance the visitor experience but also align with the town’s expectations.

Photo: Network Rail

Helen Agnew, Network Rail’s project manager, highlighted the community’s positive reaction and the building’s strategic significance. She said, “The building looks substantial from the outside and feels big inside. While it mirrors the building on platform two from the outside, we have the chance to create an internal layout which will work better for the station operationally while also better serving the needs of people travelling on our railway.”

The reconstruction effort is a collaborative endeavour, involving Network Rail, ScotRail, local and central government, and the community. As the project transitions to the internal fit-out phase, including the installation of ceilings, walls, and partition walls, there’s a palpable sense of anticipation for the station’s resurgence as a vital hub for Troon and its visitors.

Troon station’s rebirth is more than a construction project; it’s a beacon of progress and a symbol of a community’s undying spirit. The eagerly awaited completion promises to usher in a new era of connectivity and convenience, echoing the aspirations of all who call Troon home.


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