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A76 planned closure at Templeton for Resurfacing near Auchinleck

Scotland TranServ, on behalf of Transport Scotland will resurface the A76 near Auchinleck from Templeton Roundabout towards Catrine Junction this November. Works to address issues with surface defects and structural cracking on a 1.5km stretch of the carriageway will begin at 8pm on Friday 10th and run until 6am on Monday 13th November.

(Pic via Scotland Transerv)

To reduce disruption to local commuters and businesses, and because of the extent of the works, the project will be split over two weekends, with the second phase of works taking place from 8pm Friday 17th to 6am Monday 20th November. Darren Mitchell, Scotland TranServ’s Road Design Engineer said: “We’ve been working alongside Police Scotland, the Local Authority and key stakeholders to schedule this project for minimal impact on the motoring public, reducing disruption to communities, businesses and tourists. The project has been split in order to keep this to an absolute minimum for commuters and freight traffic. “This £870k project will use the sustainable crack and seat method to reduce waste and reuse it to make a new, high quality carriageway. The method also reduces the volume of lorry miles taking spoil offsite and delivering new materials from quarries and suppliers, improving safety too.” In order to complete this project between Auchinleck and Catrine it will be necessary to fully close the A76 from Templeton Roundabout with a local diversion in place via the B705/B713.


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