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A77 closure planned for Monday to fix damaged broadband cables

The A77 near Girvan will be closed on Monday to fix damaged broadband cables. 

Many Girvan residents have been left with no broadband services after rodents damaged fibre cables that run under the A77. 

Around 500m of cable needs replaced and a road closure to make a safe working environment for the repairs however location and times still remain unknown but will be updated once available. 

Talk Talk issues the following statement online 

Following the successful re-route of lines, all impacted traffic for Ayr, Alloway, Prestwick, Drongan, Maybole, Annbank and Delmillington exchanges are now fully restored. Customers connected to Girvan Exchange will remain impacted for the duration of this Incident. Engineers identified the outage has been caused by damage to Openreach’s fibre in several places caused by rodents. Approximately 500 metres of fibre cable will need to be laid in order to restore service. As the affected cabling runs over the A77, a road closure will have to be arranged in order to allow Openreach to perform this work. This is estimated to be Monday 13th November. This is impacting all other providers who are using Openreach’s fibre in this area. 


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