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A77 Road users fear pot holes could “kill someone” if left untreated!

One road user on the A77 last night felt lucky she wasnt killed after 2 pot holes crippled her wheel.

Elaine Storry was travelling on the A77 near Girvan when she suddenly hit 2 huge pot holes causing a full tyre blow out.

On the A77 action group she said the following...

“I was on my way home tonight and travelling towards Girvan hut 2 big pot holes and they have destroyed my wheel I have reported this to Stranraer police station I also meet another driver who had done the same thing just before us I have shown pics of this to police and uploaded some on here will be contacting the council to seek reimbursement for a new alloy wheel rim and tyre as this is sheer neglect and I have also been told I am the 7th driver tonight that this has happened to and anyone that can give me any information who I contacted to be reimburse that would be great thanks also have evidence of the depth of the potholes it wont let me upload them just one pic”

Other road users also expressed anger and worry that the road is quickly becoming even more of a death trap.

You can report any fault via the link below:

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