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Access to Leisure for Young Carers

Young carers in South Ayrshire now have the opportunity to receive free access to Sport and Leisure memberships through South Ayrshire Council's Activ8 scheme.

The application will allow any young carer, aged 8 – 18, or 18 and in full time education, and registered with South Ayrshire Carers Centre, to sign up to Activ8.

The scheme will be implemented and delivered throughout the same facilities where Access to Leisure and Activ8 membership is currently offered, including the Quay Zone in Girvan and Daily Activity Centre.

South Ayrshire Carers Centre will support young carers to use the card and access leisure opportunities in partnership with South Ayrshire Council Sport and Leisure.


The programme of free access to leisure was formally launched at this year's Youth Conference held at Ayr Town Hall on Friday 1 November.  There were interactive, fun and informative workshops with partners such as SA Young Scot, NHS, Police Scotland, and Ayrshire College.

The conference was a unique opportunity to launch Acitv8 and highlighted the fantastic work which takes place across South Ayrshire to help young people have their say.

Alistair Mutch, Co-ordinator for Sport and Leisure said "South Ayrshire Sport and Leisure are delighted to be able to offer free access to a fantastic range of activities and memberships throughout all of our leisure facilities to young carers. The Activ8 membership will help to ensure young carers have the opportunity to take valuable time out from their caring responsibilities to look after their own health and wellbeing without cost being a barrier."

How do I apply?

Young Carers

If you are a Young Carer and wish to apply for an Activ8 membership, please contact South Ayrshire Carers Centre:

South Ayrshire Carers Centre 43 Sandgate Ayr KA7 1DA Tel: 01292 263000

 Email: southayrshire.carers@unity-enterprise.comExternal link

Website: link

Facebook: link

Care Experienced Young Person

If you are a Care Experienced Young Person and wish to apply for an Activ8 membership, please contact Customer Services on 0300 123 0900. Alternatively, you can visit a Customer Service Centre

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