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📹 Watch: View full 4K quality footage of the Worlds Largest Aircraft landing at Prestwick Airport

AYRSHIRE FOLKS were in for a treat as the worlds largest aircraft touched down at Prestwick Airport, this Sunday 2nd August.

Photo: Ayrshire Daily News

The Antonov 225 aircraft, boasting 32 wheels on the landing gear system, took a rare visit into Prestwick Airport to re-fuel ahead of its journey to France.

This magnificent aircraft has a maximum take off weight capacity of 640 tonnes and is powered by six turbofan engines - making it the heaviest plane ever built.

Our team brought the landing live to you from the airport on Facebook, but, thanks to our good friend Daniel Sander we now have a 4K quality version of the landing and take off for our readers to enjoy.

Watch the video below:

We were joined by aviation expert Doug Maclean who kindly provided some great facts and commentary during our live broadcast of this spectacular moment.

Doug Maclean providing updates live

Alternatively, you can watch the crew video from inside the cockpit arriving into Prestwick - stunning views -


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