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ASDA customers not happy after bag charges hiked to 15p 

ASDA customers have been left angry after the price of a plastic carrier bag was hiked to 15p from the previous 9p.

Disabled customers and people with mobility issues who us the home delivery service have also complained about how the delivery arrives and Boxes and no longer using carrier bags in returns making this very difficult for customer, however ASDA has defended it's decision and issued the following statement below.

ASDA issued the following statement

We know that reducing plastics is important to our customers – and it is important to us too.

In 2018 we removed single use bags from our stores and will remove for online orders from 31st July this year. As a result, we’ll have removed 375 million bags - around 2250 tonnes of plastic - from our business. This is in addition to the 6,500 tonnes of plastic we’ve removed from our own brand packaging over the last year. We always want to offer our customers choice, but we also want to encourage them to reuse and recycle their plastic Bags for Life. That’s why from Monday 15th July, we will be increasing the price of a plastic bag for life to 15p whilst continuing to hold to our promise to replace broken bags for free if customers return them to us. We’ll also continue to offer the best price available on heavy duty shopping bags and jute bags – our full prices are in the table below.


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