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Atlantic storms to unleash torrential rain for the next 10 days!

AYRSHIRE is on standby for 10 days of torrential downpours and thunderstorms to trigger the worst flooding in Ayrshire since December last year

A barrage of violent Atlantic storms will unleash thunder, lightning, gales and relentless rainfall through to the middle of June.

With temperatures set to remain above-average for the time of year Britain faces a muggy start to summer.

Heavy downpours this week dumped more than a month’s rain in parts the country sparking floods and travel misery.

(A strong jet stream will hit Ayrshire from Friday)

Forecasters warn of more to come over the next fortnight as the weather remains under the influence of the Atlantic.

The good news is regions which escape the downpours will enjoy blue skies and sunshine as the unseasonably warm weather continues.

However weather models show persistent bands of heavy showers threatening up to 40mm of rain moving steadily across the country. Strong winds towards the start of next week will whip up widespread near gale-force gusts adding to the misery.

The Met Office’s 30-day outlook predicts a wet and showery weekend with wind and rain forecast until the third week of June.

(Low pressure systems will pushover Ayrshire over the next 10 days)

Ayrshire Daily weather for caster Chris Hendry said:

“It is turning cooler and more unsettled on Friday, with predominantly cloudy conditions and frequent, sometimes heavy, spells of showery rain throughout the weekend.

“Towards the middle of [next] week, largely drier and sunnier conditions should become established across northwestern parts and gradually extend further south and east and it will become warmer at times too.

“Into the start of the following week a north-south split is expected with the most unsettled and cooler weather in the north and drier, more settled spells in the south and southeast, though still a risk of showers at times with temperatures trending around normal. Downpours over the next fortnight could match some of the worst summer deluges to hit Britain in the past 10 years.

He warned similar impacts to the devastating floods which struck in December of 2015 could hit Ayrshire with similar impacts.

Chris also warned that we are in for a period of very wet and lousy weather which looks likely to hold out for the next 10 days.

(Thunderstorms will also be a risk)

The jet stream was also responsible for steering warm, moist and unstable air into Britain which drove the Monsoon conditions. Flooding led to widespread disruption with thousands of homes and businesses damaged as rivers burst their banks. A repeat in 2012 brought the second wettest summer for 100 years after 370.7mm (14.5 ins) of rain fell between June and August although this is very unlikely to be repeated.

Again the culprit was unmasked as the erratic jet stream acting as a conveyor belt for violent storms whipped up over the Atlantic. The fast-flowing band of air is once again stubbornly wedged close to the UK driven by high-altitude winds of 100mph. Britain will be at the mercy of an explosive combination of unusually warm, moist air as the floodgates to the Atlantic open.

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