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Ayr Grammar proposals to move into old Ayr Academy

Ayr Grammar could find it's self a new home as South Ayrshire Council continue to investigate the use of Ayr Academy's existing building when it becomes vacant.

Ayr Academy students and staff are set to move out to the new build School at Craigie in 2017.

Council bosses have said the primary school, Ayr Grammar, could benefit by moving into the iconic building when it becomes empty. Ensuring that this important structure in the heart of the town centre continues to be a place of learning.

The move would mean bigger PE and dining facilities, more social space for the children and accessible upper floors. The site at Ayr Academy, according to officials, would be transformed providing an abundance of indoor and outdoor space for the School and the Community.

Architects have been working on ideas for the building's transformation, as shown in the above picture. This is a sketch of the entrance that pupils could be walking into.

If the project were to go ahead, after Ayr Academy pupils and staff move out, it has been estimated to be 2019 Ayr Grammar could move in.

Councillor Margaret Toner, Lifelong Learning Portfolio Holder at South Ayrshire Council said: "The architects are working towards creating a learning environment which will inspire primary school children and this has to be our main objective. This is an exciting opportunity and would make a huge difference to the lives of everyone involved. We need to ensure that pupils, parents, staff and the parent council are on board with the idea.

"There will be statutory consultation with all stakeholders as required by law, which is likely to begin in February 2016, but in the meantime we would welcome informal feedback on the proposals."

Gail Gilbert, Head teacher at Ayr Grammar said: "This is an exciting opportunity for everyone involved with the school and I would encourage everyone to have their say."

Marsha Ford, Chair of the Parent Council said: "I am delighted the school would remain in the town centre, and fully benefit from the modernisation of this historic building and site. The proposal offers a fantastic opportunity for Ayr Grammar, its pupils and the local community."

Ayr Academy's new build is set to be finished by 2017, this is what the new building will look like inside.


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