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Ayr McDonald's given green light on opening 24/7

McDonald's in Ayr have been given the green light by South Ayrshire Council, to open 24/7.

McDonald's Ayr

The burger giant McDonald's in Ayr has been granted the license to open 24/7 - for a one year trial by council bosses.

At the moment, it's opening hours have been extended to 2am from 11pm.

Ayrshire Daily News contacted McDonald's Ayr to see when exactly they will extend this to 24/7 - we are awaiting an answer.

Franchise owner Frank Lindsay said their has been a 'big' demand for the extended hours - Emergency Services workers have called for this one big time.

Lindsay promised to hire bouncers for busy Racecourse times, but he said there would be little trouble as most of the customers will be coming through the restaurants drive through during the night.

South Ayrshire Councillors agreed to grant him the license, which actually goes against the policy - but they want to see evidence that this is what the people of Ayr want.

They will do a one year trial to see how things go.


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