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Ayr station Hotel structural survey expected soon after delays 

Consultants have been undertaking a detailed structural survey of the building adjacent to Ayr Train Station.

This follows work undertaken to stabilise the building and ensure public safety. The survey work has proceeded under challenging circumstances due to the condition of the building and the additional safety measures and supports that have been added to the structure. The original timeline for receipt of this survey was the start of August, however this has been delayed and the Council has now agreed a revised date for issue which is the week commencing 19 August 2019 Following completion of this survey which will identify the current condition of the building and identify defects, a further major piece of work will be undertaken to appraise the report and provide an analysis of condition and the issues identified. This report will contain estimated costs of remediation of these defects and it is anticipated that this report will be made available at the end of September.

A spokesperson for South Ayrshire Council said:

"The receipt of the structural report and then the estimated costs of fixing the building will conclude a considerable piece of work undertaken by the Council and provide the necessary supporting information for further discussions on the future of the building."


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