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Ayrshire Driving Instructors spot up for Big Learner Relay for Children in Need

Driving Instructors will be relaying a top box, (the kind that driving instructors have on the roof of their cars), from one driving lesson to another around England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

Ayrshire Driving Instructors

Hampshire driving instructor Louise Walsh is the inspiration behind 'The Big Learner Relay for Children in Need' planned for November this year. This two-week event, now in its sixth year, features driving instructors and pupils across the country all getting together to raise money for Children in Need.

Ayrshire Driving Instructor, Natalie Pankiw, who owns Pass with Natalie, was asked by the event organiser, Louise Walsh, to be the first lead car for the first Big Learner Relay fundraising event in 2014 and has been involved since then.

Each year instructors across the UK, including Ayrshire, get spotted up and raise money for Children Need by getting the spots signed in exchange for a donation.

This year Natalie has been asked once again to be a lead car.

Pass with Natalie and friend Rosalind

Natalie said:

"I am really excited to be involved again. My local instructor friends Toni Graham, Robeto Corti, Rosalind McWhirter and Martin Graham will be supporting me on my leg of the relay as will instructors from around the UK when the Relay passes through Ayrshire on Friday 8 November."

During the past 5 relays, instructors across the UK have raised over £400,000 for Children in Need.

Cruise Thru with Toni and husband Martin

On Friday the 8th, the relay will start from Dumfries, making way to Sanquhar, then Cumnock, and on to The Range in Kilmarnock where it will leave at 11:15 am and head on to Glasgow.

With many months of planning, the route will cover in the region of 3,000 miles and driving instructors have been preparing to take part since May. Each instructor will come up with ways to raise funds in whichever way works for them, their pupils and their businesses.

Roberto's Driving School

Give them a wave if you see the spotty cards around Ayrshire!


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