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Ayrshire police officers receive act of kindness from boy aged 11

Earlier today, officers at Kilmarnock Police Station were the lucky recipients of an act of kindness from a fantastic young man from Cumnock in Ayrshire. 

Mason aged 11 has decided to carry out 18 acts of kindness this year in memory of his older brother Ross, who died, at the age of two, from cancer. To date Mason has visited the hair salon where his mum gets her hair cut and delivered a bunch of flowers to staff and he has also left a container of tennis balls for dog walkers in a park near his home. Today he asked if he could visit officers at Kilmarnock Police Station. 

Officers were delighted to support Mason’s tribute to his brother and took him on a tour of the police station before introducing him to some of the team on duty today. Someone must have told Mason that police officers are partial to a doughnut during their break, because he left a fresh batch of doughnuts for our team to enjoy. 

Superintendent Linda Jones welcomed Mason to Kilmarnock station and said: "Mason is a delightful young man and we were only too happy to support this remarkable and thoughtful tribute to his brother Ross who would have turned 18 this year.” Superintendent Jones presented Mason with a certificate to mark his visit to the police station and to recognise the impact of his acts of kindness. 

Article & Photos via Ayrshire Police Division.

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