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Ayrshire's angriest Granny makes TV

AN angry Granny from Ayr is going to appear on television, because of her angry but funny temper.

Scroll for video:

Retired dinner lady Annie Scott, 70, who is known as Youtube star "Granny Annie" is to star on a brand new TV programme on ITV.

She claims the F-Word is her favourite.

The Show that's called Frustrated Britain: Caught on Camera, will have Angry Granny tell the nation about her grandson filming the funny tempered actions.

Star Annie said a lot of folk don't like her, but she doesn't like a lot of people either so she doesn't care!

The Angry Granny ultimate compilation party mix is the biggest hit on YoutTube with over 200,000 views.

Grandson Tom Ga-Ken Wan said him and his sister have always loved winding her up because of the way she responds.

Watch Angry Granny Annie in action - Please note: Swearing is included:


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