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Ayrshire's next big storm could be just round the corner with hurricane Gaston heading for the U

Ex hurricane Gaston could hit the UK next weekend forecasters have warned

(Storm Gaston could bring a large sea swell)

Ayrshire could be hit with the first major storm this year as latest charts suggest that the remains of hurricane Gaston could hit the UK next weekend. The arrival of the storm could collide with the Scottish Airshow on the 3rd of September but times and arrival date is likely to change depending on the strength of the storm.

The last major storm to hit Ayrshire was storm Frank which hit on the 30th December last year bringing over 200mm of rain and winds over 70mph on exposed coasts and hills. Current charts suggest that Gaston could bring winds up to 70mph and a massive sea swell along exposed coasts.

(Ex Hurricane Gaston is expected to cross the Atlantic later next week)

Hurricane Gaston is still over 7 days away and charts are highly likely to change over the next few days. Charts will hopefully show a decrease in wind strength and sea swell but on the other hand it could increase. If Gaston hits with full force then major travel disruption and high winds are likely especially on the later half of Saturday 3rd September.

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