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Ayrshire's Very Own Big Monty Can't Walk & Needs Your Help

Monty is a New Foundland who is a celebrity in his own right. Monty has appeared at numerous public events and special occasions with his owner Susan Payne.

Over the years he has collected money for the Royal Air Force Association Ayr & Prestwick as their mascot and appeared at many of their events wearing his own RAFA tartan bib. He touches peoples hearts and makes them smile where ever he goes and adores the attention from everyone that says "hello". He even has his own Facebook page "Therealmonty" where he posts his adventures and has friends from all over the world that always want to say Hello and pose for a picture with him when in town. Unfortunately last Thursday the 4th February 2021 whilst out for a walk with Sue he completely BROKE his crucial ligament in his left hind knee, which means he can no longer support his weight or walk. He needs specialist surgery that has been quoted at £5000 plus the extra costs for rehab, but the specialist surgeon is very confident that he can recover with the surgery and get back to doing all things Monty.

You can donate to help Big Monty via the Link Below!

Please help this fluffy softy that has helped so many in the past

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