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Ayrshire weather: Temperatures set to be hotter than Barcelona next week

While many flood warnings are still in place in the south of England after arctic winds hit the UK bringing winter weather, Ayrshire is to be warmer than many parts of mainland Europe in the next week.

(Pic credit Simon McKee) 

Ayr, Irvine and Kilmarnock are all expected to have temperatures in the double figures throughout the week with highs of around 12 degrees expected, making Scotland hotter than most Mainland Europe.

Although it is not uncommon for parts of Scotland to be hotter than places in Germany or even France in the winter, areas of Spain will see temperatures below those in Scotland.

The UK is to experience better weather overall, however, parts of Scotland are likely to be among the highest temperatures recorded. Parts of England have expected temperatures of -3 degrees with Northern Scotland set to be the mildest area of the UK in the next week. 


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