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Bagged an binned as pooper scoopers move out of the red and into the black

They've been a familiar sight across South Ayrshire for a generation, but time has finally been called on the humble red bin.

Introduced in the 1980's to encourage people to dispose of bagged dog waste responsibly, the last new unit is due to be installed at Greenan Shore, Ayr.

The move marks the end of an era for pet owners but also highlights a shift in the way people think about looking after their dogs.

Five years ago, the Council introduced its 'Respect South Ayrshire' campaign on dog fouling which encouraged people to dispose of dog waste in domestic green bins, general black bins, or red dog bins.

The campaign has been well received and today everyone knows to 'bag it and bin it' meaning the dedicated red bin campaign has served its purpose. From now on red bins will be replaced with larger black bins, which have greater capacity and are easier to manage.

John McDowall, South Ayrshire Council's Portfolio Holder for Sustainability and Environment, said the time was right to make a change, "We've now installed the very last of South Ayrshire's 320 red bins, which have been a familiar site since the early eighties.

"But while they really helped to get the message across about responsible dog ownership, the red bins are more expensive to buy and less reliable. After today any worn out or damaged red bins will be replaced with a general black litter and waste bin, providing they're still needed.

"Over time, the larger capacity black bins will become the norm, with all replacement bins clearly advertising that bagged dog waste is acceptable."

The fixed penalty charge for failing to pick up after your dog doubled to £80 on 1 April 2016, (£100 for late payment).


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