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Belleisle House back in Council ownership

South Ayrshire Council is keen to progress with the redevelopment of Belleisle House, in Ayr, now that the historic building has been bought back.

The next steps for the former hotel, which was damaged by fire last year, will be to carry out a full structural survey. Once the survey is complete, this will be used to plan its redevelopment.

It’s an exciting time for Belleisle Park, as the redevelopment of the landmark building, will be the culmination of a number of projects which have helped double visitor numbers in recent years.

So far, Belleisle has benefitted from a new golf clubhouse, restored conservatory, new play park and a café which now takes pride of place in what used to the stables.

Councillor Brian McGinley, Resources and Performance Portfolio Holder for South Ayrshire Council said: “The investment promised under private ownership never materialised, so I am delighted that Belleisle House is back in Council hands.

“We are committed to making the most of our green spaces and so far, £5.4 million has been spent transforming Belleisle Park for the benefit of locals and visitors.

“Buying back the former hotel is a significant milestone and once Belleisle House has been redeveloped, it will be the park’s crowning glory.”


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