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Blooming Disgrace: West Kilbride Hit By Thefts Stealing Flower Beds

North Coast and Cumbrae Locality Officers have recently been made aware of a spate of thefts from several community flower beds and displays in West Kilbride.

Sites at Meadowfoot Road, Barony Centre, Hunterston Road and Corsehill Drive have all been targeted with plants and shrubs being torn out and removed.

Incidents have taken place between 28th April and 11th May and appear to have involved someone on foot using a wheelbarrow.

We're rooting for the local public to provide us with much needed information about the thefts in order to nip this in the bud.

PC Thomas Arthur of Largs Police Office,

"These local garden areas are maintained by local volunteers at a cost of both their time and money. They brighten up the local area and in the current climate provide locals with some much needed joy.

It saddens me that someone, apparently local, would wilfully damage the beauty of the area. I would appeal to anyone with information about the thefts to contact me via 101."


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