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Breaking - More timetable changes planned for 7 popular Ayrshire bus routes!

More timetable changes are being planned for 7 major Ayrshire bus routes just days after the Ayr bus network was revamped with huge changes for commuters.

The X16, 4, X76, X79, X71 and X78 are all set to get a timetable change from 6th November however it’s unknown if the changes are major or if any other services will be subject to changes.

No bus routes are expected to change.

The X16 is also seen as a vital college link for youths along with the X76 being a major link between Kilmarnock and Glasgow.

The changes, however, should only be minor and hopefully improve punctuality of the services or even increase services at peak times.

ADN will bring you all the latest timetables and changes once available.

(The above services and changes have all appeared on VOSA and Andy prece bus blog) 


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