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Cairns kids really dig their nursery!

They really dig their nursery at Cairns Early Childhood Centre – and that’s official!

A team of excited youngsters met up with Councillor Douglas Reid, Leader of East Ayrshire Council, Provost Jim Todd and Councillor Maureen McKay to help cut the first sod and mark the beginning of a fantastic new £725k extension.

Councillor Reid said: “They say that many hands make light work and we had a great reception at Cairns, with the offer of so much help to mark the start of this great extension.

“Foundation work is already starting and this Early Education Centre will offer its own firm foundations to our very young learners, with superb early learning facilities on the way in time for Christmas!”

Cairns Early Childhood Centre provides early learning and childcare for 70 children aged 3-6.

It was built in 1975 and, since 2000 pupils, staff and parents have been developing the nursery garden with support from the East Ayrshire Ranger Service to help add a wooded area.

This has improved opportunities for children to investigate new environments, plant bulbs, seeds and shrubs, observe wild life and be aware of the effect of the seasons.

The new extension will offer additional educational facilities to help augment and broaden the learning experiences of the young pupils.


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