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Call to action for personal licence holders

South Ayrshire Council is reminding personal licence holders to renew their licence before it’s too late.

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Licences for almost 500 personal licence holders selling alcohol in South Ayrshire are set to expire on 1 September 2019.

To renew their licence, each holder will need to undergo refresher training and make an application for renewal all before 31 May 2019.

The consequences for not renewing a personal licence are stark, especially for anyone who manages premises, as they will be unable to work.

This could potentially lead to the closure of some premises as it’s a legal requirement that all premises need a premises manager who in turn must have a valid personal licence.

Councillor Craig Mackay Chair of the Licensing Board said: “Licence holders might think they have plenty of time but places on the refresher training are limited and it can take time for applications to be renewed especially if they all come in at the last minute.

“My advice is to get booked on to a training course as soon as possible and then make the renewal application so that there’s no problem with you having a licence in place for 1September.”

For further information contact Licensing 01292 617682 or visit

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