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Can you help return this wallet found in Girvan


Police in Girvan are appealing for the assistance of the public in tracing the owner of a wallet found in the town earlier today (Tuesday 24th July 2018).

Constable Briggs, of the local policing team, said “this wallet and it’s contents were held into Girvan Police Office today by a member of the public who had made initial efforts to find the owner without success.

“We understand a couple to have been sitting on a bench at the seafront just before the wallet was found - the owner may be of Australian origin and may just be visiting so we are taking to social media in an effort to have them contact us. We will be able to confirm ownership with the personal details within or if they provide relevant ID.

“We would encourage anyone who has lost an item an item of property to use our online form to report lost property. The information you provide is checked against the found property we have and owners contacted if there is a match. We have been able to reunite many owners this way.

“Any item with a serial number can be registered for free at

The lost property form is available on the Police Scotland website at Simply click on contact us then report lost property.”

The owner of the wallet or anyone with any specific queries in relation to found property is encouraged to contact Police Scotland by calling 101. In an emergency always dial 999.

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