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Carers Day celebrates hidden network in Prestwick, Troon and Ayr

The tireless work of carers who put the lives of others before their own has been celebrated in South Ayrshire. Carers Day was held at Prestwick Academy on Friday 5 October, with the event recognising carers and the contribution they make to their families and communities.

For the first time event organisers at the school invited carers outside of Prestwick, with the group of 60 VIP guests also including people from Ayr North and Troon. Carers and cared-for people were treated to an afternoon themed around the 100th anniversary of the end the First World War. Guests were treated to entertainment including a choir from Kingcase Primary School, with other highlights including lunch and relaxing activities like nail treatment and soothing massage.

To help break down barriers and raise awareness of available local networks the event was supported by the South Ayrshire Health and Social Care Partnership; Crossroads; South Ayrshire Carers Centre; South Ayrshire Dementia Support Association (SADSA); and South Ayrshire Life.

Councillor Douglas Campbell, Leader of South Ayrshire Council said, “The role of carers in South Ayrshire should never be underestimated, with the level of work required to look after a loved one making these demanding full-time jobs which often leave people living in isolation.

“We’re committed to supporting carers, especially young carers, and give them the help they need to fulfill their important roles and events like these are a great way to bring people together for a fun day while highlighting available support.

“I’d like to thank the staff and young people at Prestwick Academy for working so hard behind the scenes to make this a memorable day for their guests and for celebrating this important group who do so much good work in our communities.”

Margaret Catterall, Depute Headteacher at Prestwick Academy said that Carers Day brought a lot to everyone involved, “We very much enjoy hosting Carers Day and were proud to have welcomed so many guests this session.

“The event provides our pupils with the opportunity to apply their learning to a real-life situation, whether involved in the catering, the hosting, hall decoration or the entertainment.”

Further information on the help available for carers is available on the South Ayrshire Councilwebsite.

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