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Carrick Carnival of Light 2016 lights the way for a brighter future across Carrick

LIFE Cycles Carrick Carnival of Light 2016 After a year of fund raising and planning and 5 weeks of community school and youth club lantern sessions its 10 am Sat 22nd October and the CRAG arts team meet in the lantern café to plan the day ahead. With a fabulous sunny day outside and a great forecast spirits are high, the only dark cloud on the horizon was the road closure threatening to stop children and families coming in from the north to join in Carrick’s biggest and most colourful community celebration.

With in minutes everything is in full flow and the arts Team set out to let loose the the Carnival of Light on to the streets of Girvan in a riot of colour and sound. By 6pm the last lanterns are being picked up, and the shorefront primed for a spectacular evening of music lanterns and light. 7pm the band launch into a sambayabambatastic beat and the countryside enters into Girvan as flowers mice rabbits caterpillars bees owls and wasps parade through the town in a fantastic river of Light lantern creeping crawling and fluttering through the town, the Procession growing in size as it flows carrying bystanders shorewards towards the finale show on the promenade.

As the procession flows towards the beach there are gasps of excitement as a giant head appears above the promenade wall.. growing into a massive corn dolly figure by artist David Powell , it towers over the audience. Excitement grows as the band parade onto the shorefront with the large caterpillar giant hare and wasps buzzing around.

In seconds the beach is transformed in a blaze of light into a fire garden for Life Cycles 2106 a fabulous display of fire and light ending with the firing of the 7m high figure. What next for CRAG and the lantern procession? there is already excitement and talk of next year among the lantern makers and the whisper is of Spaceships and Vikings what do you think? The 2016 CRAG crew were Barry Dawson Katy Dye Tim Parfiit David Powell Ingrid Powell Sheena Russell and Chelsea Rodger the shorefront fire crew Alex Melville Tom Melville David Girvan Morgan Powell Frazer Cunningham and Gareth Powell CRAG would like to thank their funders Carrick Futures South Ayrshire Cultural Planning and everyone who supported our fundraising

Diane Iannarelli for the lantern café without whom this would not have happened. To the stewards David Girvan The Lifeboat Crew ATC Stuart and Kevan Cook and all our volunteers special shout for Senga Kimberley Bailey Isabel Rachel Morven Marie and Gronya arts fro all and thanks to the people of Carrick and beyond for supporting Life Cycles 2016.

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