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Celebrate event brought Olympic flavour to Kilmarnock

Kilmarnock town centre got a real carnival flavour recently, thanks to Celebrate East Ayrshire – a week-long event for the whole community.

Events included Summer of Sport and Blast from the Past (an arcade trailer featuring old favourites like Pacman and Pinball) which all took place at the Cross for kids of all ages.

Speedshot football, keepie-uppie, dribbling skills and 9 hole crazy golf were also on offer, transforming the town centre into a sporting hub of excellence.

Add to that Olympic sport taster sessions, including weightlifting and gymnastics and it really was a case of Rio coming to East Ayrshire!

There was even a mobile climbing wall, for those with a sense of adventure and a head for heights!

Traditional games like space hoppers and hula hoops were also big favourites, proving that even in a digital age you can still have fun with a bounce and a twist of the hips.

At Rothesay House in Cumnock, Ayrshire Segway joined the week-long with the over 10’s testing their balancing skills.

Celebrate East Ayrshire is a weeklong programme of events and activities run by the community for the community and many of the activities were offered by local sports clubs and community groups.

The event harnesses the strong sense of community pride felt during the day of the Queen’s Baton Relay back in 2014 and Celebrate East Ayrshire has fast become a popular fixture in the holiday calendar.


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