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Celebrity Chef Nick Nairn sets up to film in Ayr for BBC Show Landward

THE public of Ayr were surprised when Celebrity Chef, Nick Nairn, shows up right on Newmarket Street to film parts of the BBC show Landward.

TV cameramen and crew from the BBC were interviewing the public the day before Celeb chef Nick Nairn arrived on Ayr High Street with the mobile Landward Street food van to cook up some fresh local ingredients.

TV Chef Nick and host Dougie Vipond spent the morning collecting fresh ingredients from the well-established fruit and vegetable stalls in the town and he also gathered some fish as well to cook alongside his magical dish.

The two of them headed to the Landward Street Food Van and cooked up some dishes using the ingredients before hitting the town centre and letting the public try out some of the cooked dishes.

The Landward episodes will be screened on BBC One on Sunday, October 23, November 6 and November 13 - which will see Ayr feature in parts of the episodes.

Ayr will also be seen as part of Dougie Vipond’s journey along some of the best motor biking roads in Scotland.

We caught Nick Nairn above in action and interacting with the public as they speak to Mr Nairn.

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