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Centrestage hold 2019 Open Day before getting ready to move to new 'Centrestage Village'

On Sunday 18th August, Centrestage Theatre in Kilmarnock held their final 'Open Day' at James Little Street.

Welcoming old and new friends - the Centrestage Open Day was action packed, full of all things fun, food and folk.

The annual Open Day has always been a highlight of the Centrestage events calendar, bringing all of the activities and communities together, sharing stories, and providing a platform to launch the new terms 'Creative Learning' programme.

Entertainment was brought to the stage, compered by the charities very own Stuard Bird - as well as live food demonstrations from the chefs and EAT & Train graduates.

Centrestage encouraged everyone to share their memories from across the years on the 'Memory Wall', Sophie wrote...

“Centrestage is the place that made me feel where I belong.”

Fiona McKenzie, CEO & Co-Founder of Centrestage, said:

"We’re at the end of the beginning at Centrestage and we’re getting ready to start a new chapter.

"What a wonderful day of fun, food and folk shared with friends old and new from across our community at the final doors open day that we will hold in our wee theatre in James Little Street.

"It’s so lovely to share the memories that we have all made over the years and we can’t wait to start capturing more of them over the months ahead as we get ready to move to the CS village.

"What an effort. What a team. What a community."


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