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Clowndoctors make a special visit to Crosshouse children

The charity Hearts & Minds recently visited University Hospital Crosshouse as part of

a series of events to celebrate 21 years of their Clowndoctors programme. Dr Groovy and Dr Maybee delighted the children of the paediatric ward with a special doctors’ round.

(Left to right) Patient, Kyle Fisher aged 10 with Dr Groovy and Dr Maybee

The Clowndoctors programme looks to improve lives, one smile at a time, by delivering therapeutic clowning. This can have a positive impact on young people facing difficult and often stressful situations. Working closely with healthcare staff

ahead of going on the ward is a crucial part of the Clowndoctor visits.

Clowndoctors can help children and young people to:

  • overcome feelings of powerlessness, anxiety, isolation and boredom;

  • improve their self-esteem and self-confidence;

  • tackle communication, social and physical challenges;

  • cope with painful, distressing or confusing treatments and procedures.

Although there are more than 170 healthcare clowning organisations around the world, Hearts & Minds is the only organisation running this kind of service in Scotland.

Michelle Dodds, Playleader for the Crosshouse Paediatric ward added:

“It was great to have Dr Groovy and Dr Maybee back on the ward. It is fantastic to see the children’s faces light up when they visit. Our patients deserve to have a bit of fun, and the clowndoctors certainly bring that!

“We really appreciate the hard work this charity does on a daily basis. Congratulations on reaching this milestone and we hope to see them back soon.”


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