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Council gets smart with water technology

Crime fighting technology is being used by East Ayrshire Council to protect vehicles and outdoor equipment from theft.

Ayrshire Daily News

Outdoor Services and the Risk and Insurance team joined forces to introduce the SmartWater technology system.

All vehicles and equipment have been sprayed with a forensic traceable liquid which carries a unique forensic code. The liquid can be seen under UV lighting. This makes it easy for any stolen equipment to be identified and traced back to its owner.

New signage has also been placed on vehicles, equipment and premises which publicises the use of SmartWater technology.

Councillor Eòghann MacColl, Cabinet Member for Housing and Communities said: “To prevent theft, vehicles and equipment have now been sprayed with forensic traceable liquid, SmartWater, which carries an identifiable forensic code. The system, which is affordable and very easy to use, can help the Police return stolen vehicles or equipment to the Council.

“SmartWater technology is a great deterrent and I congratulate Outdoor Services on being the first Council team to introduce this system. I am sure that other departments will be fascinated to find out more about this technology and use it to protect vehicles, tools and equipment.”


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