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Council instructs Station Hotel owners to take action

South Ayrshire Council has issued a Dangerous Building Notice to the private owners of the Station Hotel in Ayr.

The Council has taken the exceptional action after ongoing monitoring identified recent changes in the building structure, following the recent cold weather. These changes could become a safety risk to station users and members of the public, if not addressed by the owners.

The notice relates to various items including defective sandstone and decorative ironworks, loose slates, loose downpipes and unstable roof signage.

The details are set out in the Dangerous Buildings Notice that has been issued, and the owners of the hotel now have 21 days to advise the Council of what they intend to do to meet the requirements of the notice. The owners of the Station Hotel have the responsibility to ensure the building is safe.

Councillor Douglas Campbell, Leader of South Ayrshire Council said: “While this property is privately owned and should be maintained to a safe standard by its owners, we have a statutory duty to take action when we have concerns and evidence that public safety could be at risk – and that’s exactly what we’re doing.

“It’s now up to the owners to take action before the issues we’ve identified become a real cause for concern and damage neighbouring properties or injure residents or visitors in the vicinity of the building. That’s the last thing anyone wants to happen and is why we’ve taken the unusual course of action of issuing a statutory notice.

“I hope this provides the necessary wake-up call to the owners and we see decisive action taken promptly and effectively. If we have to organise or carry out any work, we will be actively pursuing the owners for costs.”

The Council will continue to monitor the building with the notice remaining in place until the work is completed to the satisfaction of building standards surveyors.


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