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Council share image of new Ayr Beach multi-play tower

A new multi-play tower unit is to be installed at the popular Ayr seafront play area on Pavilion Road after South Ayrshire Councillors allocated £260,000 for the project in their recent budget.

©️SAC Twitter

South Ayrshire Council announced on Twitter that work will start on the old ones replacement next month.

The announcement comes as the existing tower unit was fenced off after a number of health and safety risks were identified in a routine inspection earlier this week.

As a result and in line with the inspectors' recommendation, the unit – which has been in place for around 23 years – has been immediately taken out of use, with fencing put in place and signage advising visitors to the play area not to use that particular piece of equipment.

All other equipment within the play area remains safe and suitable for use.

Councillor Ian Cochrane, Portfolio Holder for Sustainability and Environment, said:

"Our Ayr seafront play area is hugely popular with locals and visitors alike and we need to ensure it's safe and fit for purpose, especially as we head towards the forthcoming school holidays.

"Sadly, the most recent inspection identified a number of issues with the multi-play timber tower unit that mean it is unsafe for use and we have taken the responsible decision to close off that particular piece of equipment.

"The unit has served us well – it's almost a quarter of a century old – but wear and tear and its coastal location have now finally taken their toll. However, the good news is that a new modern multi-play tower unit will take its place and work is already underway to progress this.

"In the meantime, as we begin the process to remove the existing unit, I ask all visitors to heed the safety notices in place and to make use of the available play equipment to ensure they stay safe while having fun at the seafront." 


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