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Council to showcase draft design proposals for Ayr Riverside project in Spring this year

Following a second public consultation event showcasing ‘emerging’ design proposals based on feedback from a previous consultation in November, council officials and designed teams will showcase new design plans in Spring 2020 for the Ayr Riverside project.

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The new design plans are set to reveal the vision of what the public have been asking to see on the former Woolworths site at the bottom end of the High Street.

The last public engagement event was held at the recently opened Grain Exchange where presentations and short films were shown to the public.

South Ayrshire Council said the following:

“These public engagement events have been set up to gain an insight into the local perception of the Riverside Site and fundamentally establish what you, as part of the local community, would like to see on the site. Throughout this process we are looking to gain as much local insight and feedback as possible so would to love to hear your thoughts!”

However, there is no need to worry if you couldn‘t make it to the consultations but still want your voice heard. The council have recently opened up an online commenting section to leave feedback.

Check it out:


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