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'Critical' time for Belleisle House Hotel

The incomplete project to redevelop the Belleisle House Hotel has reached a critical milestone, South Ayrshire Council confirmed today (24 August).

The Council sold the former Belleisle House Hotel to John and Senga Campbell in August 2012 for the development of a luxury hotel and spa.

Conditions of the sale specified that the hotel should be completed by 15 August 2017 at the latest; however, work has not been progressed on the site for more than two years.

In addition, the Council has yet to receive essential information from the developer to be able to determine necessary building warrant applications.

As a result of the developer's failure to meet the terms of the sale, the Council is urgently seeking information regarding proposed next steps.

Mike Newall, South Ayrshire Council's Head of Neighbourhood Services, said: "Our focus has always been to support the planned development of Belleisle House Hotel as part of our wider ambitions to enhance and regenerate the Belleisle Estate, which has benefited from investment of around £5 million over the last three years and has seen visitor numbers double as a result.

"We have made significant efforts to work with the hotel developer to progress outstanding issues in relation to building warrant applications and parking provision. However, we require their input to finalise these matters and that has not been forthcoming despite numerous requests to discuss over a lengthy period.

"This is absolutely unacceptable and we have contacted the developer again to highlight the truly critical juncture we are now at and to outline the potential courses of action open to the Council, which could include the refusal of building warrants or even a 'buy-back' of the building.

"This is not a course of action we would undertake lightly and it would be for our Councillors to take any decision about what we do next; however, we hope this latest contact prompts the appropriate response from the developer that allows us all to have a clear picture of what's happening and to make informed decisions about the future of the building for the benefit of our people and communities."

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