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Dark Christmas: Christmas lights set to be axed by thousands of households to save on energy bills

A stark warning has been issued that this Christmas could be the least glamorous in decades as households are expected to axe Christmas decorations to save on energy bills.

On Friday it was revealed that a typical household energy usage will increase to around £3,450 per year from October, typically at Christmas many households would decorate outside trees, windows or even rooftops with sparkling Christmas lights but that’s not expected to be the case this year.

One resident from Ayr said to ADN:

“The kids love Christmas and all the lights we usually put around the house however this year most things will be battery operated including probably the lights on the tree, no one will be able to afford Christmas or these bills unless action is taken”

The next prime minister which is expected to be announced on the 5th of September will have a massive challenge ahead to sort out these issues, for most families £3,450 per year will be completely unaffordable and many families including those working will struggle to choose between food or heating.


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