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East Ayrshire Council are planning to buy the former disused Cumnock Stagecoach Bus depot

The old Stagecoach bus depot is set to be taken over by East Ayrshire Council. Now the council are planning to buy the site and turn it into a council depot it has been announced.

(Image credit Google Maps)

The old Bus depot has been disused since August 2015

East Ayrshire Council’s Head of Housing and Communities Katie Kelly said:

“The former Stagecoach depot in Cumnock has been disused for some time and, in keeping with our ongoing regeneration strategy for the area and to build on other successful town centre projects, we’re keen to bring it back into use.

“We’re presently moving operations from our site at Underwood and we see this as an ideal opportunity to buy the site from Stagecoach and continue its use as a vehicle depot and parking area, rather than having it fall into disuse and possible dereliction.

“We can confirm that have been in talks with Stagecoach, a price has been agreed and we’re aiming to finalise the purchase before Christmas.”