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EXCLUSIVE: Gail Thanks Hospital staff after COVID-19 Battle

Gail Merry, a 46yr old mortgage adviser who works from home. Married to Richard, they have 3 children, Matthew 19, Caitlin 17, and Robyn 15.

Her experience is one of fear, but also one of gratitude, for being one of the lucky ones to have survived the trauma of COVID-19.

Gail kindly let us share her story not just to help her recover physically, but mentally as well.

We have let Gail tell about her journey in her own words Below…

24th may receive AstraZeneca first jag (unfortunately not received soon enough to have an impact. Takes around 3 weeks to start working)

29th May tested positive along with husband and 3 teenage kids. For all of us, the symptoms started with a sore throat, cough, headache, fever, and loss of taste and smell.

Wednesday 2nd June called 111 as very breathless. Taken to A&E by paramedics. Chest X-ray and observation, back home that evening. steroids for 4 days.

Monday 7th June vomiting for 9 hours. GP called out to give jag to stop it.

Thursday 10th June feeling better, able to eat a little and went downstairs for first time in a week. Thought I was on the mend at last.

Friday 11th June woke with a strange fluttering sensation in my heart. Breathing became steadily more difficult every minute. Apple Watch showed a blood O2 level of 72% (normal level 95-100%)

Within minutes could barely get a breath in at all and my husband called 999. Richard recalls how I went completely grey and my hands were like ice.

The ambulance arrived very quickly and paramedics were able to stabilise my breathing to get me to Ayr hospital.

Warning signs were very apparent to doctors in resuscitation. I was taken for an immediate CT scan which showed a massive saddle pulmonary embolism. Which is a large clot blocking the main pulmonary artery.

Transferred to intensive care at Crosshouse hospital. Spent 5 days in Intensive care received treatment for both Covid itself and to treat the embolism. Now in Covid ward back at Ayr hospital and recovering well.

Was told by doctors that I was very lucky not to have died on Friday morning due to the size and position of the blood clot. Which is a crazy statement to get your head around!

I am extremely fit and healthy and I’m slim, with no underlying health conditions.

I very wrongly assumed that if I was unlucky enough to contract COVID19 that it would be like having the flu, as I’m not overweight or have health issues.

The delta variant is highly contagious. And will likely continue to change and mutate and is not going away any time soon.

It does not discriminate, everyone is at risk of very serious complications from COVID-19

Please wear a mask, use sanitiser before and after shopping. You have to keep socially distancing, even though lockdown restrictions may have been eased. And if you have any symptoms at all please don’t risk it. Just get tested. And if you test positive self isolate it’s so important.

Even if you have been vaccinated please isolate immediately if you have symptoms or if you are asked to self-isolate.

I can’t thank the amazing NHS staff who saved my life. Paramedics, doctors, and all the nurses who cared for me. These are truly phenomenal people.

Ayrshire Daily News managed to talk to her husband Richard who is a bank manager.

He thanks Ayrshire Daily News for letting Gail exorcise her demons with this horrific virus.

Talking about it has helped her deal with the illness by venting and putting pen to paper.

She went through hell and the paramedics saved her life in the driveway. Scary when you think about it, Gail is at last home after a serious battle with COVID 19. I want to thank all the staff, nurses, doctors, paramedics at Ayr Hospital and Crosshouse ICU who ultimately saved her life, forever grateful 🙏♥️ this virus is going nowhere fast 👍

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