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Exploring the SWC300: A Cultural and Historical Companion to the South-West Coastal 300 Route

Released on Friday 31st May 2019, Extremis Publishing is delighted to announce the latest British travel book by David M. Addison. Exploring the SWC300: A Cultural and Historical Companion to the South-West Coastal 300 Route is an informative and entertaining guide to the heritage of the South-West Coastal 300 Route, Scotland's newest epic road trip.

This book seeks to shed a light on the history and culture of this region of Scotland.

By delving into the colourful events that happened here in the past, the intention is to enhance and enrich the reader's exploration of this land of contrasts as they travel through its rolling hills and along its spectacularly scenic coastline.

They will discover the entertaining stories which lie behind the route, as well as all of the colourful characters, the castles and landmarks, and historical figures ranging from Robert the Bruce to Robert Burns.

There are ruined castles and tower houses; grand houses and gardens; abbeys and churches; standing stones and stone circles; museums and monuments; retired railway engines and planes from yesteryear. There are also legends; folktales; and tales of the supernatural – all part of the rich tapestry that forms part of the greater and enthralling story that will be revealed to readers as they explore what has been an unfairly neglected part of Scotland for far too long. It’s hard to imagine there can be another part of Scotland that has so much to offer the tourist. 

For more details about the book, including a downloadable information sheet, please visit the Exploring the SWC300 page on the Extremis Publishing website at

David M. Addison has written several books, mainly about his travels, which include Exploring the NC500: Travelling Scotland's Route 66 (2017) and the award-winning An Innocent Abroad: The Misadventures of an Exchange Teacher in Montana (2015), both of which are available from Extremis Publishing. He also contributes regular essays to the Coldnoon International Journal of Travel Writing and Travelling Cultures, which is based in New Delhi, India.

Extremis Publishing is an independent publishing house which specialises in arts, media and culture non-fiction. The company is based in Stirling, and serves readers worldwide. For further information about Extremis Publishing and its catalogue of publications, please visit the official website


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