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Final Edition - Ayr Service Changes 17th September 2017

Finalised Service Changes from 17th September 2017

Following a recent public consultation on proposed changes to our bus services operated in Ayrshire, we have finalised our timetable changes which will take effect from 17th September 2017. Please click the relevant link below to view your timetable.

Service 1

The service 1 and the service 9 routes will now be combined to operate via Hillfoot Road and Masonhill and will be named the service 1. This new service 1 will operate via Masonhill and Clarendon place to Caledonia Road and will then follow the usual service 1 route. The service 1 frequency remains at every 30 minutes, however evening services will not serve Masonhill after 7pm. Journeys before 9am and after 6pm will operate via Ashgrove Street rather than Holmston Road.

Service 2 - Dalmilling, Hayhill, Town Centre & Prestwick

The Monday to Friday service 2 will remain at the current 15 minute frequency throughout the day. However Saturday services have been changed to improve reliability.

Service 3 - Kincaidston, Whitletts & Dalmilling

The service 3 will maintain it's current route, however frequency will be reduced to every 12 minutes rather than every 10 minutes,

Sunday service between 11am and 5pm will be increased to every 20 minutes to improve reliability.

Service 8 - The Loaning to Ayr Town Centre

The service 8 has been cancelled and will be now be replaced by the service 58 to Girvan which will operate via The Loaning and Doonholm Road.

Service 9 - Ayr Town Centre to Doonfoot

The service 9 will operate between Ayr town centre and Doonfoot and will no longer operate via Masonhill, that section of the journey will be replaced by the service 1. (See above for the service 1 timetable)

Service 14 & 14A - Ayr to Troon/ Troon to Irvine

The Service 14 will now depart from Douglas Street, Ayr during the day until 6pm. Journeys after 6pm will depart from Ayr Bus Station. The 14 will no longer serve Irvine and will terminate at Troon.

The Service 14A will operate between Troon and Irvine, Monday to Sunday on a hourly frequency during the day. Evening journeys will be on an approximate 90 minute frequency.

Service 42 - Ayr, Coylton, Drongan, Ochiltree, Auchinleck, Cumnock & Muirkirk

The service 42 will now operate on a 30 minute frequency between Ayr, Coylton and Drongan. Alternate journeys will extend to Ochiltree, Auchinleck, Cumnock and Muirkirk on an hourly frequency. All 42 services from Cumnock to Ayr will operate via Ayr High Street on a drop off only basis. Passengers travelling to Cumnock from Ayr will no longer be able to get on the bus in Ayr High Street but must catch the 42 service from Ayr Bus Station.

Service 43 - Ayr, Mossblown, Tarbolton, Mauchline, Catrine, Auchinleck, Cumnock & New Cumnock

The service 43 will operate on a 30 minute frequency between Ayr, Mossblown and Tarbolton. Alternate journeys will extend to Mauchline, Catrine, Auchinleck , Cumnock and New Cumnock on an hourly frequency.

Service 43A - Ayr, Mossblown & Annbank

The service 43A will be reduced from a 30 minute frequency to an hourly frequency Monday to Saturday. There will be no late services on Friday and Saturday evenings. Sunday services will remain on an hourly frequency however the last service departing from Ayr Bus Station to Annbank will be at the earlier time of 2010. The last service departing from Annbank to Ayr Bus Station will also depart earlier at 2039. Service 43A timetable

Service 52 - Ayr , Ayr Hospital, Patna & Dalmellington

In order to improve service reliability the 52 service will no longer serve Ayr High Street and will operate via Miller Road to Ayr Bus Station on all journeys.

Service 58/60 - Ayr, Maybole & Girvan

Journey times have been extended on the 58/60 in order to improve reliability of the service. The 58 will serve the Loaning and Ayr High Street on all journeys between 9am and 5pm.

The service 60 will maintain its current route via Maidens.

Service X77

Monday to Friday journeys have be retimed in both directions therefore departures times have changed. Please view the timetable to plan your journey.

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