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Five week safety campaign launched by South Ayrshire police


Today, Monday 30 January 2017, South Ayrshire officers launch a five week campaign to improve road safety.

Local police officers supported by Road Policing Team officers and partner agencies, are set to carry out dedicated high visibility mobile and foot patrols in South Ayrshire to educate all road users in relation to safe driver behaviour and road use. The operation will run for five weeks and conclude on 6 March 2017.

The overall objectives will be to deter illegal vehicle use, enforce appropriate legislation and include speed checks on busy roads which have been identified by local communities as having particular issues. Enforcement is one tactic, but the campaign will be supported with positive engagement and educational efforts by Police and partners at South Ayrshire Community Safety Department.

Chief Inspector Gary I’Anson, Area Commander for South Ayrshire said today: “We will be implementing a coordinated road safety campaign in South Ayrshire, led by local officers with the support of the road policing department and partner agencies. This campaign responds to the increased number of serious and fatal road incidents that have occurred on our local roads towards the end of 2016.

“It is hoped that this targeted approach will both increase the general awareness of road safety and ultimately have an impact on road collisions across South Ayrshire.

The campaign will conclude on 6 March 2017 alongside the award winning “Reckless Driving Wrecks lives” programme and presentation which is delivered in partnership with the South Ayrshire Community Safety Department.

In this short video Chief Inspector I’Anson tells us about the Road Safety Campaign.

For more advice and guidance on road safety, please visit:

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