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Flying the rainbow flag – LGBT History Month

South Ayrshire Council will be flying the rainbow flag throughout February to mark LGBT History month.

This takes place in Scotland every February and is an opportunity to celebrate lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender lives and culture.

The rainbow flag highlights the significant contribution LGBT people make both in South Ayrshire and across the world.

Councillor Laura Brennan-Whitefield, Chair of the Equality and Diversity Forum said: "LGBT History Month presents us with an opportunity to learn more about the issues faced by minority groups in our communities. The Council is actively engaging in this process with our youth work team achieving a LGBT Silver Charter Mark Award recently.

“We want to encourage debate and tackle specific LGBT related issues. Bullying based on sexual identity or orientation still goes on especially among our young people – this must end. Everyone should be treated fairly no matter their background or identity and this is a message we will be highlighting with the help of our partners throughout February and beyond.”

Siobhan Fahey from Ayrshire LGBTQ Group said: “The flying of the Rainbow Flag from the County Buildings represents a significant display of unity and support from our local authority. This public display of support can help many people struggling with their own sexual orientation or gender identity see that they have support from the wider local community. This in turn can have a huge impact on their personal experiences and general well-being.”

Events and activities are taking place across South Ayrshire to mark LGBT History Month including ‘Purple Friday’ on 23 February organised by LGBT Youth Scotland.


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