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FM Nicola Sturgeon to Update Parliament on Independence Plans This Afternoon

FM Nicola Sturgeon will update Parliament this afternoon on plans to hold a second independence referendum, with or without the support of the UK government.

Its not exactly clear how a legal vote can take place without a section 30 order approved by the UK government but one suggested way is via the courts or possibly a 3rd way which she has previously hinted at but appears to be keeping her cards close before today's announcement.

Scotland last held an independence referendum back in 2014 where Scotland voted no at 55% and yes at 45% but recent polls suggest a new vote would be extremely close for both sides.

Chris Hendry ADN political editor said:

"Today's announcement will have everyone watching regardless of what you support, Scotland voted no back in 2014 but 8 years is a long time in politics."

"We've had an EU referendum on which Scotland voted to remain and a UK prime minister which seems to become more unpopular everyday, add on top the current cost of living crisis a new vote could go anyway."

"Regardless once that starting gun is fired today Nicola will have a long battle ahead to have a new referendum legally and somehow I don't expect Boris to back down from this fight."

Nicolas announcement is expected at around 2:20PM.


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