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Focus is on eyecare in Ayrshire

A new campaign is encouraging people from across Ayrshire and Arran to visit their local optometrists (opticians) if they experience any problems with their eyes.

Eyecare Ayrshire was launched at an event on Wednesday 25 January at University Hospital Crosshouse. It brought together optometrists, family doctors, clinical leads and pharmacists to hear about the new service.

Many people currently go to their family doctor or the emergency department when they experience problems with their eyes. Eyecare Ayrshire is advising people to, instead, visit their optometrists (opticians) who, by using specialist equipment, can identify problems, make a diagnosis and then if required, people can get eye drops free of charge from local community pharmacies.

John Burns, Chief Executive, said: “We know that most people will visit their family doctor in the first instance if they have a medical concern.

“However, we want people to know that if it’s about their eyes, then their optometrist is their best first point of contact. These professionals specialise in eye health. They are best placed to identify and diagnose problems. And now we are delighted that they will be working with local pharmacies to ensure patients can get eye drops, if required, free of charge.

“This offers our patients a more efficient and appropriate way of accessing the most appropriate service for their condition.”

A high profile campaign will be highlighting Eyecare Ayrshire throughout February and March.


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