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From Prestwick September Shows to International Stage Shows for David

A young boy who ran away with the local funfair when he was 14 has just released a new cover version of Depeche Modes' 1990 Classic "Enjoy the Silence" - this comes after he released the first ever official dance mix of Penny Arcade.

David Moore, now 45 was raised in the Lochside and Dalmilling areas of Ayr in the 70s and 80s before running off to fulfill his dream of being a circus performer.

Lately he has gone on to enjoy success as an Entertainer all over the World, and has made his home in Blackpool.

Better known on Stage as "Dave Bear" he enjoys performing as a Singer, a DJ and has his own very succesful Entertainments Company who can supply most Acts and Karaoke Nights for any kind of Function.

David still takes time out to come home to visit friends and family in his beloved home Town of Ayr around 8 times a year, Have a listen to this

Moore, released the first ever danced up version of Penny Arcade, 1 year ago.

You can find this on Youtube.

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