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Girvan trains cancelled due to signal fault!

Due to a signal fault at Maybole trains between Stranraer, Girvan and Ayr are being cancelled or reduced!

scotrail issued the following info below!

Due to a fault with the signalling system between Maybole and Girvan trains have to run at reduced speed. Disruption is expected until 16:00 08/08.


Train services between Stranraer and Glasgow Central via Kilmarnock may be cancelled or delayed.

Please note the following disruption;

13:03 Kilmarnock to Stranraer is being delayed 13 minutes between Maybole and Girvan.

13:04 Stranraer to Kilmarnock is being delayed 25 minutes between Girvan and Maybole.

14:24 Ayr to Girvan will be cancelled.

15:00 Girvan to Ayr will be cancelled.

Need further info please speak to a member of our staff in person or through the help point on the platform, we are currently updating our Help Points and our new ones are marked with a Q. You can also tweet us any queries or questions as well as get live travel info by following us @ScotRail.

For live journey updates download the free ScotRail App or check our website at

We are sorry that you have been delayed today. Dont forget to keep a hold of your ticket and make a claim if you have been delayed over 30 minutes by visiting

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