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Glasgow Prestwick Airport appoints new Finance and Commercial Director

Glasgow Prestwick Airport has today announced the appointment of Derek Banks to the post of Finance and Commercial Director as the Board continues to build a new leadership team for the airport.

Derek is a Chartered Public Finance Accountant with more than 26 years’ experience of working in finance at a senior management level and has joined the airport from the Scottish Qualifications Authority, where he was Deputy Finance Director. Prior to this he worked in further education and for the NHS.

Throughout his career, Derek has been involved in managing significant budgets. In his previous roles he has faced considerable financial challenges and has been required to work with colleagues to develop new cost and pricing models, maximise income and develop sustainable commercial relationships.

In addition he has concession, conference facility, IT, facilities and estates management experience, which will be invaluable as the airport seeks to maximise the benefits of its 880 acres of land and large property portfolio.

Announcing Derek’s appointment, Andrew Miller, Glasgow Prestwick Airport Chairman, said:

“I am delighted to be welcoming Derek to the team. The Finance and Commercial Director position is a pivotal part of the newly formed leadership team. Derek has the ideal range of skills and attributes to supplement the team.

“He has exactly the outlook that we need for where we are as a business right now. We need to ensure that we achieve a balance between cutting costs and investing in the areas where we can gain the greatest possible return.

“I am confident that Derek will make a major impact on our business. I look forward to working with him as we

progress towards a position of profitability and long term sustainability.”

Talking about his new role, Derek Banks, Glasgow Prestwick Airport Finance and Commercial Director, said:

“I am very excited about joining the team at Glasgow Prestwick Airport. I am looking forward to understanding the business and bringing my experience to work with colleagues to turn the airport into a profitable business that will prove to be attractive to a commercial investors who will take forward the long term vision for the airport.”

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