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Glasgow Prestwick Airport gifts Max aviation goodies

Aviation enthusiast Max visits the Glasgow Prestwick Airport to get a bunch of goodies for his new look bedroom.

It’s not every day you get a request for the signage you are removing as part of your rebrand so that it can be used for a six year old boy’s airport inspired bedroom.

After hearing all about little Max’s dream bedroom from his father Neil Goudie the airport said they just had to get involved in helping put the finishing touches to Max’s room.

Neil Goudie wrote to Glasgow Prestwick Airport explaining his son Max’s love for aeroplanes just ahead of his sixth birthday. Neil wrote, “Unlike many typical five year olds, he doesn’t want new-fangled gadgets for his birthday but instead asked if we can decorate his bedroom as an airport”.

Neil carried on by describing what both he and wife Dawn had already done to Max’s room. “We have altered his desk and made it into a check in area with interchangeable airline banners, moved his bed and made the top of it into a model airport, turned his wardrobe into a luggage scanner and we now have a huge international departures banner above the window”.

Due to Glasgow Prestwick Airport rebranding, this request couldn’t have come at a better time. With old signage available we were more than happy to donate it to a good cause.

Max and his parents were invited to the airport once signage became available for collection. We were also able to pull a few surprises together and personalise some boarding cards, baggage tags and made Max his very own name badge.

On arrival to the airport Max wore his pilot uniform and he was very excited to see what we had for him. We even managed to arrange a meeting for Max with Ryanair’s First Officer Chris Russell who was more than happy to join this pilot in the making for a picture.

Glasgow Prestwick Airports, Communications and Marketing Assistant Kelly took a walk with Max and his parents to the viewing gallery to see the aircraft landing and taking off.

Kelly was astounded to hear Max rhyming off the names of each of the vintage aircraft in the pictures situated in the stairway.

Kelly said, “His knowledge for aircraft is phenomenal for a six year old and it is clear that Max lives and breathes anything to do with aviation”.

When Max was asked what he wanted to be when he grew up he said, “I want to be a helicopter pilot, I would love to fly a helicopter”.

Upon speaking to Neil after the exchange he told us, “Max’s room is looking fantastic. In fact we can’t quite believe how well it represents an airport. Max has been enjoying working in his new airport that much that he spends most of his time in his room”.


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