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Glasgow Prestwick Airport had zero passenger fligh cancellations due to bad weather in 2016

Glasgow Prestwick Airport had zero passenger flight cancellations due to bad weather in 2016.

Only four passenger flights were cancelled last year from the Ayrshire airport, and none were caused by adverse weather.

Thanks to Glasgow Prestwick being situated in an area of high latitude – meaning low rainfall and clearer skies – they were able to keep flights flying.

Jules Matteoni, Operations Director for the airport said: “Our favourable weather conditions makes us one of the most reliable airports in the UK.”

The Air Traffic Control strike in March of 2016 meant the cancellation of the four flights, but according to the Glasgow Prestwick log, those were the only ones for the entire year.

Having advantageous weather conditions allows for other airports to call on them to take in diversions.

Despite putting up with a wetter than average January and June, the staff at Glasgow Prestwick made sure passengers made it to their destinations.

Last year also saw storms Barbara and Conor batter Britain with high winds, and torrential rain.

Jules added: “Our reliability has led to Glasgow Prestwick Airport regularly being utilised as a key diversion airport within Britain.

“Having no passenger cancellations in 2016 sets us apart from other airports.”

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