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Glasgow Prestwick Airport host afternoon for Mainstay Trust Charity group

Glasgow Prestwick Airport hosted an afternoon for people with learning disabilities from a Glasgow Charity organisation called Mainstay Trust.

Charity Manager, Andria Savage, contacted the airport directly having heard about our previous good work with people who have sensory impairments.

The charity – which is based in Glasgow, offers a range of support services to people with a learning or physical disability – hoped that the airport could simulate the experience of travelling through an airport. This would help to dissipate any anxiety some of those whom they support had.

The group were met by airport representatives who gave them a breakdown of what to expect on their tour, and then lead to collect their ID passes from Security.

They were introduced to our Special Assistance service, shown the procedures and how these would work for them.

As the group travelled through the airport, they were filled with confidence and optimism about future visits.

Joanne McFadyen, supported by Mainstay Charity group, said:

“I really enjoyed the tour, I thought it was fantastic. I can’t wait to be invited back to make the most of the spectators’ gallery where I can take lots of pictures.”

The group were taken to various departments around the airport.

Joanne added: “My favourite part was getting to work behind the check-in desk and now I would like to become a member of cabin crew.”

Andrea Savage, Manager of Mainstay Trust Charity, enthused:

“From start to finish the staff went above and beyond their call of duty.

“This has been a real benefit for us and has left us feeling very confident about the stages of travelling through an airport.”

She said: “We can’t thank staff enough for all their help, patience and support. Thank you.”

As an airport, it is important to continuously assess our facilities and services to ensure that we are delivering the very best to our customers as well as keeping to the standards required by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).

Jane Thomson, Glasgow Prestwick Airport’s Landside Operations Manager, said:

“Glasgow Prestwick Airport were delighted to welcome this wonderful charity and give them a behind the scenes understanding of how an airport works and what to expect.”

Glasgow Prestwick Airport believes that air travel should be assessable for all and we endeavour to make sure nobody is held back.

She added added: “The feedback we received was invaluable and we are continuing to ensure that people with support needs have a smooth and comfortable airport experience.”


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